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Professional Olive Oil Sommeliers

Professional EVOO Sommelier 

A high level qualification course designed for those who wish to become not only tasters but true experts in the selection and use of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

A Professional Olive Oil Sommelier has a thorough knowledge of the full production process of olive oil – “from the grove to bottle” – and is highly skilled in the selection, classification, promotion and rational use of olive oil.

Our gaol is to offer a well balanced theory and practical course that will provide students with the right skills and knowledge to be able to communicate the rational use of olive oil in the kitchen and on the plate, in particular, the harmonisation of EVOO & Food pairing…
At course completion, participants will have acquired skills and qualification, entitling them to join the International Register of Olive Oil Experts and to be part of professional olive oil evaluation panels.

The course is conducted in English by highly qualified teachers and panel leaders recognized by the IOOC, as well as expert nutritionists,
internationally renowned professors, head chefs, and international catering experts. Teachers are coordinated through the Olive Oil Academy.


download2IV° edition - Sevilla, Andalusia - Spain - April 2015

download2III° edition - Tuscany - Val d'Orcia October 2014

download2II° edition - Garda Lake April 2014

download2I° edition - Colorno, Alma February 2013

 October 2014

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 April 2014


February 2013
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