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The course is conducted in English by highly qualified teachers and panel leaders recognised by the I.O.O.C. , together with expert nutritionists and academics of international renown, Head Chefs and international catering experts, coordinated by ALMA and the Olive Oil Academy.

Antonio Raimondo –Director of the anti fraud and adulteration Office ICQRF of Naples– Panel Supervisor for Sensory Laboratory of Salerno by Italian Ministry of Agriculture

Riccardo Gucci, full professor of Pisa University- Faculty of Agricolture and Member of National Academy of the Olive and of the Oil

Giorgio Pannelli –Already manager of CRA-Oli Spoleto, one the most international experts in olive growing and agronomic practices, Panel Leader and Member of National Academy of the Olive and of the Oil

Sebastiano Porretta- Head of Sensory & Consumer Science Department, Experimental Station of Parma, President of AITA (Ass.It.tecnologie Food) and author of numerous books on sensory analysis and consumer science.

Franca Angerosa –IOOC Panel Supervisor, already First Researcher of the Experimental Institute for Olive Oil of Pescara and Member of National Academy of the Olive and of the Oil

Nicola Simone- Biologist (PhD) specialized in fats and food chemistry, Manager of the NMR lab by CRA-OLI of Pescara. -Panel supervisor for virgin olive oils sensory laboratory

Wenceslao Moreda – I.O.O.C. Delegate for training activities and Quality improvement in the Foreign Country; Panel Supervisor and First Researcher by Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas - Istituto de la Grasa-Seville,

Massimiliano Pellegrino -Panel Supervisor CRA-Oli and CA.Lab., Member of National Academy of the Olive and of the Oil

Marco Antonucci- Italian delegate for the International Olive Oil Experts –Interprofessional Group-

Chiara Manzi- Expert in Human Nutrition and Dietition; since 1992 colaborating with varius Hospitals and Italian Department of Health

Gigi Mozzi- Marketing & Communication consultant, former lecturer of IULM University- Milan

Carlo Magni- Professor in Business Management Faculty of Economy and Commerce -University “La Sapienza”- already researcher of Davis University (UCLA) U.S.A.

Gea Scamardella: Architect, specializing in product design and innovation for enterprise systems and visual imaging for large-scale distribution and commercial spaces. • Antonio Morabito Panel Member and Inspector anti fraud and adulteration office ICQRF- by Italian Ministry of Agriculture

Enzo Perri- Chemist specialized in fats and food chemistry, Director of CRA-Oli and Member of National Academy of the Olive and of the Oil

• Chefs, Maîtres, Italian and foreign experts will alternate in demonstrating preparation, methods and techniques of use.

Mauro Martelossi –Director of the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Agency, I.O.O.C. Panel Leader and Member of National Academy of the Olive and of the Oil.

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In according with I.O.O.C. Doc.20/T
Course will be conducted in English

 General Informations 

Time: Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 14.00

Cost: Euro 1.500,00 tax included

The fee covers:

Classes and practical exercises (5 hours each day, Monday to Thursday)

Training tastings and selection tests

Course materials

Lunch each day of the course

Minimum number of participants: 10

Course Objectives:
Participants should acquire specific competencies in:
• establishment, leading and co­ordinating an Official Tasting Panel for olive oil classification;

• Selection and training of tasters to the required competency for the group so as to carry out the legal evaluation and classification of olive oil in accordance with the international regulation;

• Selection, quality control, marketing and promotion of the product and Brands.

Course will be held in the English language by highly specialized instructors in their field and by official members of various IOOC commissions.


Panel Supervisor Characteristics:

The Panel Supervisor (Panel Leader) is the link between the sensory judges (tasters) and sensory analysis. Panel Supervisor wear many hats and are an important link to the panel tasters. He/she needs to have the ability to be: 

• instructor
• organiser
• secretary
• possess good listening skills
• have sound leadership
• organizational capabilities
• inventive and creative.
They should possess the same qualities required of the panel tasters, that is, intellectual honesty, curiosity, (tasting) motivation and decisiveness.
The Panel Supervisor, therefore, should to be able to guide the group in a way that the judges see in him/her as a point of reference, someone they can confidently turn to whatever their needs may be.
A good Panel Supervisor must be organized in the laboratory. Able to manage the panel members and the large volume of samples to be tested, which at times may have to be repeated.
He/she should have a sound knowledge of the product being analysed and facilitate the various round table discussions on determining the specific descriptors for each product category.



The required duties for a Panel Supervisor are to:

- manage and oversee the running of the laboratory and associated information system
- training and instruction of (panel) judges
- continuous monitoring of each taster's the capability/competency
- maintain good relations with management and other company personnel
- collate and process all details for reporting of final tasting tests
- have a broad knowledge of the make up of the products being analysed.



The Panel Supervisor is accountable for the organisation and running of the laboratory. It is his/her responsibility to check and sign every scientific and technical report.


Panel Supervisor training is more complex and therefore more difficult in comparison to a tasting judge, in that the Panel Supervisor must firstly be trained as a (tasting) judge and then as a specialized facilitator of the sensory analysis system.
Fundamentally, the role of the Panel Supervisor is to manage the laboratory and to lead the panel judges. He/she is responsible for selecting, training, motivating and monitoring the tasters.


Training plan for Panel Supervisor comprises of:
• Learn the study of ‘how to taste’;
• Physiological principles of sensory organs;
• Communication techniques;
• Understanding and learning the principles of the leadership role;
• Sensory analysis techniques;
• Make up of products being analysed;
• Product diversification techniques;
• Record keeping and documentation

International Course for Panel Supervisors 


1st Day

• Introduction course
• The sensory analysis and the olive oil standard
• Olive oil: Designations and definitions.
• Specific vocabulary for virgin olive oil purposes of the method
• Tasting session.
• Methodology for the organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oils
• Duties of panel supervisor, Test conditions, General rules of conduct tasters
• Discussion

2nd day

• Determination of the means threshold of the group.
• Procedure for the intensity rating method
• Factors influencing sensory measurements.
• Tasting session and practices with spread sheet.
• Olive oil legislation.
• Factors influencing olive oil quality.
• Olive oil characterization: Quality and purity criteria.
• Discussion

3rd Day

• New features of IOC tasting method.
• Procedure for the organoleptic assessment and classification of virgin olive oil;
• Method of classifying the oils
• The profile sheet by tasters
• Tasting session and practices with spread sheet.
• Virgin Olive Oil Obtaining Process.
• Discussion

4th Day

• Tasters & panels performance control.
• Method for calculating the median and the confidence interval and statistic computer program
• The different profile sheet for official evaluation and for competitions
• Tasting session and practices with spread sheet.
• Selecting tasters: The process.
• The role of the panel supervisor: Tasters & Accreditation process
• Closing ceremony


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Monday 3 December 2012

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"Armonie in the Kitchen" at the Sydney Seafood School.

Gary Mehigan from MasterChef Australia, Roberta Muir, Alessandro Pavoni, Mauro Martelossi

"Armonie in the Kitchen" saw the conclusion of the 1st Southern Hemisphere Olive Oil Championship  ARMONIA - Australia, New Zealand and South Africa Awards 2012.
The Award ceremony for Chefs and Olive Oil Producers will be presented by Joanna Savill, co-editor of the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. This will be held on Monday 3 December 201210.00am at SYDNEY SEAFOOD SCHOOL, in the Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont.
Winning Chefs, Olive Oils and winning Olive Oil Producers will be announced at the Presentation Ceremony. Along with the prestigious and Inaugural 'Damian Conlan Award'.

The competition commenced in late October with the organoleptic selection process, judged by Australia's Olive Oil Sensory Panel in regional NSW at Wagga Wagga, the only Australian panel recognized and accredited by the International Olive Oil Council, Madrid (I.O.O.C.), Spain.

The Packaging & Labelling was judged in Sydney in November by a panel of Architectural, Marketing and Design professionals, lead by Michael Milosevic, one of Australia's leading Architects and Designers.

The "Armonie in the Kitchen" was the final segment of the Southern Hemisphere extra virgin olive oil competition for chefs and cooking enthusiasts. This was held at the Sydney Seafood School, where chef participants prepared their dishes using the award winning extra virgin olive oils of the competition. Their creations were then judged by a line up of Australia's leading celebrity Chefs and Food Journalists including: Giovanni Pilu, Ross Lusted, Alessandro Pavoni, Gary Mehigan from MasterChef Australia, Roberta Muir, from Sydney Seafood School and Simon Thomsen - See the photogallery

A list of all the winning oils will be made public after the ceremony via our website

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State of the art in olive planting systems and orchard management

Innovation in cultivation techniques in olive culture for orchard quality improvement

Course will be conducted in English

Program Structure
Day One - 07 Febraury 2013 

Presenters: Prof. Riccardo Gucci – University of Pisa

A brief overview of olive growing in the world

What do we need to know about olive biology?

Planting systems in olive growing

coffee break

Cultivar selection

New technologies

Choosing the right cultivar


Lunch break

Introducing canopy management

Pruning and training systems in modern olive growing


Day Two - 08 February 

a.m. 9-13.30 (in the field)/ p.m. 14:30-17:30

Irrigation and soil management of the olive orchard

coffee break

Harvesting olive trees


Lunch break

Fertilizing olive trees

The relationship between orchard management and oil quality


Day Three - 09 February

Practical demonstration of pruning young and adult olive tress


Enrolments has been postponed at 20 December 2012

Download the program and the application form

Payment methods accepted:

All money transfer costs and bank charges are at the applicant's expense

- Bank Transfer

Banca: Banca Popolare di Spoleto S.p.A.
ABI 05704 - CAB 21801 - CIN G
BIC BPSPIT3S - IBAN IT 39 G 05704 21801 00000 0015174
c/c 00000 0015 174 Intestato a: OLIVEOIL AGENCY
Reference: Contributo IRVEA “Olive oil Growing - first fee installment” 

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Professional EVOO Sommelier 

A high level qualification course designed for those who wish to become not only tasters but true experts in the selection and use of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

A Professional Olive Oil Sommelier has a thorough knowledge of the full production process of olive oil – “from the grove to bottle” – and is highly skilled in the selection, classification, promotion and rational use of olive oil.

Our gaol is to offer a well balanced theory and practical course that will provide students with the right skills and knowledge to be able to communicate the rational use of olive oil in the kitchen and on the plate, in particular, the harmonisation of EVOO & Food pairing…
At course completion, participants will have acquired skills and qualification, entitling them to join the International Register of Olive Oil Experts and to be part of professional olive oil evaluation panels.

The course is conducted in English by highly qualified teachers and panel leaders recognized by the IOOC, as well as expert nutritionists,
internationally renowned professors, head chefs, and international catering experts. Teachers are coordinated through the Olive Oil Academy.


download2IV° edition - Sevilla, Andalusia - Spain - April 2015

download2III° edition - Tuscany - Val d'Orcia October 2014

download2II° edition - Garda Lake April 2014

download2I° edition - Colorno, Alma February 2013

 October 2014

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 April 2014


February 2013
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  • United Kingdom(Great Britain) Courses conducted in English:

Professional Olive Oil Sommelier 

A 5day professional training course to study and improve your knowledge and appreciation of olive oil, gastronomy and wine, with degustations and cooking demonstrations, these are the ingredients of our comprehensive course for the aspiring Professional Olive Oil Sommelier.

Read more

Master of the olive mill



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Panel Supervisor

In according with I.O.O.C. Doc.20/T

Read more

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